About United Finance

About United Finance Co.

United Finance Co is a leading local family owned consumer finance company founded in 1922, and operating 27 branches in Oregon, Washington (35954), and Nevada. We offer consumer loans for autos, debt consolidation, and other borrowing needs. United Finance Co also purchases finance contracts from auto, motorcycle, and boat dealers, furniture stores, and other sources.

About Us

United Finance founded in 1922

Who is United Finance Co.?

United Finance Co. is an Oregon Corporation, wholly owned by United Group, Inc., primarily engaged in the consumer finance business and in the sale of credit insurance. The company has 18 consumer-finance offices located in Oregon and related Company operations, under United Group, Inc., with 5 offices in Washington and 4 in Nevada. The Corporate Headquarters is located in Portland at 515 East Burnside, 97214.

How Long Has United Finance Co. Been in Business?

United Finance Co. traces its origin to an automobile financing business founded in 1922 by Ralph C. Parker. In 1944, Ralph C. Parker joined a partnership, United Finance Co., which was the company's immediate predecessor. United Finance Co. was incorporated March 22, 1954 and Richard H. Parker became president in 1956. Richard H. Parker, Jr. serves as Chairman of the Board with Richard H. Parker, III serving as President and CEO. The company officers have over 100 combined total years with United.

United Finance founded in 1922

What is the Nature of United Finance Co.’s Business?

United is primarily engaged in making consumer loans directly to individuals and purchasing retail installment sale contracts from dealers. In addition, United sells certain types of insurance, mostly credit life and health insurance through a branch operation doing business as Financial Insurance Factors.

Who Are United Finance Co.’s Credit Line Banks?

United has over $8 million in bank lines of credit at US Bank, Union Bank, Key Bank, Banner Bank, Bank of the West, and $9 million issued to related companies under the parent, United Group, Inc., at US Bank, Union Bank, Key Bank, Sterling Bank, Banner Bank, and Bank of the West.

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