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"Shane was amazing, he helped with all of my needs! I highly recommend United Finance!!"
01/13/2022 - Carson City
"Fast and friendly service! Up front about all fees and charges. couldn't be happier!"
01/12/2022 - Roseburg
"Very helpful when I needed it most."
01/12/2022 - Sparks
"Thanks for your help."
01/05/2022 - McMinnville
"Always painless, transparent and quick service."
01/05/2022 - Pendleton
"Always available, great personalities. No place I'd rather get my loans through."
01/01/2022 - McMinnville
"This was a great experience. Definitely a smooth interaction with Raul."
12/30/2021 - Gresham
"This is an awesome company that helps out a lot of people in the community. The manager, Brent S. does a wonderful job as well as his staff. Very professional and a pleasure to work with!"
12/30/2021 - McMinnville
"Brent is very professional! Always willing to help and find options! Great team & company for all your financing needs!"
12/30/2021 - McMinnville
"Very helpful, always making sure that you're getting the correct help that you need when financing a vehicle!"
12/30/2021 - McMinnville
"United Finance in McMinnville made everything hassle free for our company. Thank you!"
12/30/2021 - McMinnville
"Brent ha sido de gran ayuda! Muchas gracias!"
12/29/2021 - McMinnville
"Customer service is the best in town, I appreciate these guys."
12/29/2021 - Portland Burnside
"Every employee has been great, very kind and professional every time I have needed a loan or any changes made. Even though, because of my good credit scores, I have other options with lower interest rates, I keep coming back because of the great customer service. The staff treats me as a person and remembers everything, showing they care."
12/29/2021 - Grants Pass
"Brent explains everything well and is very nice to customers!"
12/28/2021 - McMinnville
"Samuel was very helpful and explained everything to me and I understood everything he was talking about."
12/23/2021 - Portland Burnside
"Cyndi was awesome"
12/21/2021 - Pendleton
"The team at Seaside is so amazing. They explain everything in perfect detail and are very honest with ways to help. They always remember me and offer so much support. They are very to the point and play no games with quickly getting you the money you need!"
12/21/2021 - Seaside
"They are always very helpful in meeting our financial need."
12/21/2021 - Pendleton
"Cyndi is amazing and a very helpful person. She made everything easy to understand! 5 stars!"
12/21/2021 - Pendleton
"Cyndi is a very amazing person and is very helpful and easy to understand on helping everything. 5 stars!"
12/21/2021 - Pendleton
"I come in and am greeted very kindly. They've always been extremely good to me. I've recommended them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a loan."
12/20/2021 - McMinnville
"I was very impressed with the service, and felt really comfortable with the staff. Great place."
12/20/2021 - Salem
"It was my first car loan and they were able to help me with everything I needed. Very friendly people and helpful. It was also a comfortable environment, yet professional."
12/18/2021 - Seaside
"Very nice and courteous and a life saver!"
12/17/2021 - McMinnville
"Everyone was very friendly and helpful when we walked in the door from day one! I always called to pay and most of the time Hayley would answer the phone and was helpful and pleasant. I will be a returning customer 100%."
12/17/2021 - Beaverton
"Knowledgeable and friendly staff."
12/17/2021 - Grants Pass
"Clean, friendly, helpful, very nice and actually a very fast stress-less process from very beautiful ladies. SUMMER was AWESOME!"
12/17/2021 - Portland Gateway
"Samuel was great, very helpful and was awesome when traffic made me late."
12/16/2021 - Portland Burnside
"Professional and helpful. Happy to do business again!!!"
12/15/2021 - Gresham

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