United Finance offers High Yield Investment Certificates

This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy investment certificates. An offer can only be made by means of a PROSPECTUS. Investment certificates are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or guaranteed by any governmental agency.

Investment Certificate Rates*

Type Rate/APR APY
Variable 5.00% 5.13%
2-Year Fixed 1.00% 1.01%
5-Year Subordinated 5.00% 5.13%
7-Year Subordinated 6.00% 6.18%

*Rates subject to change without notice, offered by prospectus only.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield (compounded daily).

*Rates effective 8/1/2023 (call for current rates).

*Investment Certificates not FDIC insured.

*Oregon Residents Only.

How To Purchase A Certificate With High Yield

Q – Who Can Purchase?

A – The purchaser of an investment certificate must be a resident of the State of Oregon. In addition, these certificates can be purchased by Oregon organizations, corporations, profit sharing plans and other institutions. (Proof of Oregon residency required.)

Q – How Can I Purchase a United Investment Certificate?

A – To obtain a prospectus, call 503.238.6464 or any Oregon United Finance office. You only need to complete and sign the application form and bring in a check, bank draft or money order payable to the order of United Finance Co.

Q – Are These Investment Certificates Insured by a Government Agency?

A – No. There is no government agency guaranteeing these Investment Certificates.

Q – What Expenses Must a Purchaser of an Investment Certificate Pay in Addition to the Purchase Price?

A – None. No expenses are charged to the purchaser, no service charges or brokerage fees.

Q – Can a United Finance Certificate be purchased for a minor child’s account?

A – Yes. An adult may purchase an Investment Certificate for the minor child as their custodian or trustee (if a trust has been created for the minor).

Q – What is the Purchaser’s Protection Against Loss or Theft?

A – Each Investment Certificate is issued to a named party, not to the bearer. The ownership of each Investment Certificate is registered with United as Note Registrar, and payment will be made payable only to the registered holder of the Certificate.

Investment Certificate Application

Investment Certificates are only available to Oregon residents.

3 Investment Services To Help You.

Plan 1: Variable Rate

Minimum Purchase $10,000

Prepayment may be made at option of holder upon 60 days’ notice or at option of the Company upon 30 days notice. It is the Company’s present intention to prepay without interest penalty any Variable Rate Investment Certificate at any time upon request of the holder during the 8 year term.

Plan 2: Subordinated Capital

Minimum Purchase $5,000

Term initially 5 or 7 years but subject to change. Not payable prior to maturity.*

Plan 3: Fixed Rate

Minimum Purchase $500

It is the Company’s intention to prepay without interest penalty at any time upon request of the 2 year term.*

*Certificates may be redeemed by the Company anytime upon 30 days written notice.