Hillsboro Office

Hillsboro Office

Mon–Fri 9am–6pm
188 SE 4TH
Hillsboro, OR 97123
p: (503) 648-4141

Se Habla Espanol.

Stop in and talk to Lee at your local Hillsboro office about your motorcycle loan today.

About United Finance

United Finance Co is a leading local family owned consumer finance company founded in 1922. We are your local source forconsumer loans. We provide loans for new and used cars, debt consolidation, and other borrowing needs, whether you have good or bad credit. We pride ourselves on being in your community and ready to serve your needs. If you have had a previous bankruptcy, charge off or collections we may still be able to help. We try harder to say YES and we make LOANS NOW!! United Finance Co works directly with local new or used auto dealers, furniture stores, and other sources to finance your purchases.
United Finance Co reports to all three of the major credit bureaus and we look forward to helping you rebuild if you have bruised or damaged credit.  Submit an application online, call any of our 27 office locations, or come on in to your local office to get the personal treatment you deserve. We look forward to helping you!

Our Hillsboro Office

There's nothing like doing business with an established partner. We are proud that United Finance has been in Hillsboro for 18 years! Do business with people you can trust. We're here for the long haul.

United Finance of Hillsboro is conveniently located in downtown area across the street from the Hillsboro Transit Center, only three blocks away from the Hillsboro Civic Center and close to the Hillsboro Airport.
We are proud to be part of the community that is the home of the Hillsboro Air Show, Washington County Fair, Tuesday Farmers Market. Hillsboro is also home to Intel's largest and most complex site in the world and who is the largest private employer in the state of Oregon.

Come see Lee at your local Hillsboro office for help with a bill consolidation loan now.

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Reviews - Hillsboro

Here are some of the things our customers are saying:

“Thank you Maria for your clear explanation of my loan. Please United Finance do not let her go, she is great!!”


“Lee, the manager, and his coworkers are the nicest and friendliest people to do business with.”


“Thank you Maria for helping me welcome back.”


“Thanks Maria for your help in spanish and welcome back.”


“Is very good to have Maria back in this office, she always help us a lot with an excellent service.”




“I want to thank you for keeping Maria in your company. She is the person we need taking care of my account. Being very friendly and professional, helping me to have my account current. I still have my car because of her telling me what to do every month and after my payments she always send me a "thank you" card. That's why I am sending the "thank you" card back to you.”


“Su atesion muy buena la amabi lidad bale oro y es algo que uno purede senfirsedelo mesor gracias.”


“Everyone @ UF is very friendly informative & genuine. I always appreciate their understanding & efficiency.”


“Thank you for your excellent help always.”


“Very helpful, wanting to please. Thank you.”


“Well Maria was very nice to me, treat me very well and explained everything very clearly. Thank you for your excellent service.”


“Maria has an excellent service and I understood everything, she is very friendly and treated me very well.”


“I would like to thank you because you have an excellent member in your crew. I am talking about Maria Miranda, she is friendly, professional, always with smile in her face, promptly, she has been helping me about my account. I had been late in my payments and she is there to help me and after each payment I make with you I receive a thank you card from her, doesn't matter if I'm late. Thank you for having Maria with you.”


“Maria is excellent explaining all the terms. Thank you Maria.”


“Thank you Maria to help me to save my brothers account and thank you for making me feel good it is very important to be happy and show the smile like you.”


“Excellent service from Maria we understood everything she is great helping us. Thank you.”


“Maria thank you to explain to me very well. I understood everything. It is a good thing that you come back to Hillsboro”


“Thank you it was easy to understand. Maria is very friendly and she knows what she is doing. Thank you for having someone speaking in Spanish”


“We received very well deal and the service was quick.”


“It is excellent to have service in Spanish. I am going to recomment your agent, Maria, to come here to get their loans. Excellent Service thanks to Maryanne too.”


“It is an excellent job and very good service from miss Maria fast, professional and friendly. Thanks.”


“Well Maria helped me very quickly, friendly and she gives an excellent service. I will recommend her services.”


“Excellent service, this is the 3rd time Maria helps me and she always gives excellent service.”


“Katie was very quick, professional & courteous”


“Maria had everything ready for me, she explained everthing very clear, she is the most professional person that I ever worked, excellent service.”


“Maria, excellent service, excellent person I am very happy because I received a treat like a friend. Good job Maria.”


“Well we didn't call to make an appointment and they were ready for us, Maria was helping us very well, excellent service.”


“Thank you, you have Maria back she is so professional and very good in her job.”


“The hispanic girl "Maria" did everything easy she is new and very good, good training guys!!! Is good to see happy faces here. Thanks!”


“As always excellent service, Maria helped me from the phone and did it very well. Thank you.”


“As always Maria is helping very well on the phone, in the office, she is very nice w/ all my family, thanks. I am leaving happy.”


“Good customer service from Maria Miranda. Thank you so much!!!”


“Maria explained everything very well, helped me when I had my emergency. Thank you very much.”


“Everyone is very helpful, knowledgeable and makes a pleasant atmosphere.”


“Maria explained everything very well, clear excellent agent. I will be happy to refinance w/ her and recommend her to my friends.”


“The manager, Lee Flores, was very helpful.”


“With a good smile Maria is helping always, and she is good, she is very clear and very nice in her job.”


“Great job! Very good attitude of loan officer (Lee).”


“Thank you it was fast and easy and the best part….in Spanish”


“Lee in Hillsboro, Oregon is a great guy and has excellent customer service.”


“Thank you Maria for 3rd time and as always everything is perfect w/ excellent service”


“Thank you Maria, excellent service.”


“I didn't expect this fast service, I cam here thinking to have my answer at least tomorrow but I got it in less than 1 hour.”


“Thank you, is very good to have service in Spanish and the service is very good and nice.”


“It is great to have our loans explained in spanish, it is very important to understand what we are signing and Maria makes us feel very comfortable and very clear closing it. Thanks.”


“Excellent service in Spanish she is very kind and has a lot of patience to make understand everything.”


“Very good service, the hispanic lady w/ a nice smile all the time, fast, easy, clear and she helped me very well.”


“We came here at 11 am and we got our loan in 20 minutes. That is great, Maria is very good at explaining everything. Excellent service.”


“Thank you Maria you always help me very quick and very good”


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“I didn't know that it was a personal loans, thank you for your Spanish service.”


“As always excellent service from Maria, no doubts everythign clear.”


“Very helpful and polite”


“I am very happy with UFC service. They are very nice and they are very clear in Spanish.”


“As always excellent service in Spanish, she is very professional. Thank you”


“Mr. United let me tell you that Maria is an excellent advisor for my account, got my loan and more time to expand it.”


“Maria was superfast and clear I got there just for information and I got out of there with a loan and a big smile.”


“I am very happy working with Lee. I am a repeat customer”


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“Mr. United Finance President, Let me tell you that you have a great employee, she is funny, clear, professional. I think she is new, her name is Maria.”


“Thank you for having a Maria, I fell better when I talk in Spanish.”


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“Hey, I am just following Maria, she can understand my situation and always is helping.”


“Very easy to talk and the service and to come over here, good to have someone in Spanish, very good job, good job Maria.”


“Excellent service. Maria is very professional, Lee is excellent person.”


“Gracias Maria! That's why I like to come to Hillsboro all the people is very nice.”


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“Thank you. Is very good to have Maria back, she helps very fast, she is good!!!”


“Very good service in Spanish. Miss Miranda is very professional and clear. She is very good explaining everything.”


“Excellent service from Maria.”


“Thank you to help me to save my account, get lower rate and lower payments. You guys are great.”


“Is better to speak in Spanish, I understand better and I feel better, thank you Maria for helping me.”


“It is super great having Maria back, the good service is back too.”


“They made it easy and comfortable to take out a loan. Thank you very much”


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“Good crew here in Hillsboro”


“Great job on disclosing all documents. Great experience.”


“Gracias! Fue muy rapido y eficiente. Gracias!”


“Excellent service as always.”


“Everytime I come here Maria is the first to help, very good attitude and she is super nice! Thank you.”


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“Excellent services. Everytime I ask for help, everybody is very nice.”


“Maria is excellent, I had no questions. She is friendly and very professional.”


“Thank you for helping us with our financial needs.”


“My experience at UF was really great, they were very clear at explaining everything and very nice.”


“Muy buen servicio desde el principio muchas gracias.”


“Excellent help from Maria. Thank you very much.”


“I've been your customer for a long, long time and Maria is always helping us right away with a smile and excellent attitude.”


“We prefer Hillsboro more than other branch as they speak Spanish and they are really nice, fast and always friendly.”


“Wow!! I got this loan so fast, they are incredible…nice, fast and very professionial.”


“Very good service. Fast, nice, all the girls are very friendly. Thank you Hillsboro Girls!!!”


“Excellent service from the cashier to the loan closer. I love the people in this office.”


“The girls "rock", very efficient, very nice. I got everything very clear. They are good! Thanks!”


“My experience at United in Hillsboro was great. She is nice, clear and I got happy with my loan.”


“Simply excellent. They are great.”


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“Very good, thank you!”


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